Creatures of Circumstance vs. Creators of Circumstance

Often, in our day to day lives, we see people constantly bleating about the things happening around in their life. They believe that they couldn’t do something, or achieve so to say, because something ‘happened’ to them. They say that the circumstances were such that they couldn’t have done it; that is 100% true if you would think that way.

But we have to understand is that we are not “creatures” of circumstance, we are “creators” of circumstance.

The one thing that makes people creatures of circumstance is that they have limiting beliefs, people with limiting beliefs tend to do three things:-

• Blame everything(except themselves),
• Justify everything(to add to their blames), and
• They complain(which they have a justification of).

Now these are the people who never achieve what they could have, in their life. And the way not be one of these people, is to take control of the circumstances and try of find ways to solve problems.

We need to have a clear vision of future, not goals, but vision. Your goals will get you started and they can only take you so far, but your vision, will take you further.

So, it’s upto you whether you want to be a creature, or a creator.



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