Four Stages Of Competence

Remember when you were a child it took all of your focus to perfectly tie your shoelaces, but now you know it like the back of your hand?

Whenever we are learning a new skill, we go through different phases called the “Four Stages of Competence” as described by management trainer Martin M. Broadwell in 1969.

The four stages are: -

Unconsciously Incompetent: — You don’t know what you don’t know. You have no idea about the scope or the domain of the skill. This is the worst place to be in.

Consciously Incompetent: — You know what you don’t know. You can now analyze the areas that lack work and get started.

Consciously Competent: — You have some mastery over the skill but it takes your active focus to perform the task.

Unconsciously Competent: — You have complete mastery over the skill and you can perform the task without consciously focusing on it. You get a strong sense of intuition to make the right decisions. This is the best place to be in.

The best way to progress from being Unconsciously Incompetent to becoming Unconsciously Competent is through two very basic things, Self-Awareness and Practice!



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